Downtown Luxury Apartments

Why Your Productivity At Work Will Spike In Our Fells Point Apartment

One reason why many people contacted us at The Wilkes Baltimore to rent our Fells Point apartments is our world-class co-working space. So, if you run your business from home or your employer allows you to telecommute, we will encourage you to rent one of our Downtown Luxury apartments.


The chances are high that you’ll be more productive at a co-working space than working at home because homes have distractions. You may find it difficult to ignore your house chores. Also, if you’re a parent, you can’t possibly hear the cry of your kid and ignore it totally.


These are the reasons why you’re better off working in a co-working space. So, why is our working space a good option?


Business speed WiFi


These days, you can’t possibly work without an internet connection. That’s why we have provided a lightning-fast WiFi. If you don’t have mobile data, you can make use of our WiFi, and if you have data, you can still make use of our WiFi to save your data. Whether you work with a laptop, digital notebook, a digital camera, a tablet, or a smartphone, our WiFi supports all of them. Just connect your device and begin to work.


Conference rooms


The co-working space in our Downtown Luxury apartments also has several big and well-equipped conference rooms for your meetings. Whether you want to organize a seminar, workshop, conference, or any other official gathering, our conference rooms are available for you. They already have all you need, from a projector for digital presentations to microphones for addressing participants. You will love the conference rooms. So, you can have your meeting within the same location as your home.


Onsite café


You can also become a regular caller at our coffee café to take your favorite cup of coffee on your way to work and/or on when you’re back. If you work in our co-working space, you can also take some coffee during your break.


To rent any of our Fells Point apartments and live like a king/queen, get in touch with The Wilkes Baltimore today, tomorrow, or anytime.