Fells Point Apartments

Live Your Best Life In Our Fells Point Apartments

Are you planning to change your house? Are you looking for a truly modern apartment in the true sense of the term? Look no further than Fells Point Baltimore apartments. We offer ready apartments for rent. Just pay and move in. We pride ourselves in the facilities of our apartments. Here is why you should consider our Fells Point Baltimore apartments before others.


Great location


You can change everything about your home, but you can’t change its location. Ironically, the location is the most important feature of a house. So, we are glad to let you know that our Fells Point apartments are situated in an amazing location. It is a carefully chosen location with walkability and numerous amenities. Also, it is a good school district.


Smart home technology


“Alexa” lives in all our Fells Point apartments. Yeah, the apartments are equipped with the Alexa Smart Home System. In case you don’t know about the technology, it is a device that controls several home appliances, including your lights, doors, temperature, and air quality.


Won’t you love to switch off your lights with a simple voice command? That’s what the system does. In addition, there’s a digital screen in the kitchen, from which you can get any recipe. That is also controlled by Alexa. In fact, Alexa redefines home convenience. When you move into any of our apartments, the only thing you’ll worry about is the tendency to get lazy since Alexa is there to run your errands.


Availability of parking spot


Nothing frustrates like not having a place to park your car after a hectic day when you just want to get home, park your car, and have a shower. This is why we have provided a parking lot for you. So, when you move in, looking for where to park will no longer be necessary.


For more information about our well-equipped modernized apartments, contact us at The Wilkes Baltimore today.