Luxury Apartment

  Why Our Luxury Apartments Should Top Your Consideration List

At The Wilkes Baltimore, we provide luxury apartments with comfort and convenience. Yes, we provide comfort through all the ready appliances and amenities in your luxury apartment. So, how do we provide convenience? We provide convenience through Hello Alfred.


Let’s put it this way, Alexa controls the appliances in your apartment while Hello Alfred runs errands for you. The outfit will help you with grocery delivery. Also, they offer a weekly clean-up for apartments. They can also help with keeping fresh flowers in your apartment. Also, Hello Alfred can connect you with tech service providers, party planner, movers, pet care, and home cleaning team, on your request.


This is why our apartments are great for your aged parents, who may not be able to do much on their own. Here are other reasons to consider our apartments before the other apartments for rent near you.


Large bedrooms


The bedrooms in our apartments are designed for royalty. So, they are big as well as their bed. The beds are king-size or queen-size beds with duvet and other beddings. It is not only the living room that is well-equipped; the bedrooms are well-equipped too. Only a glimpse at any of the bedrooms is enough to mesmerize you, and you’ll be too eager to pay and move in.


Leave the maintenance to us


Every home needs regular maintenance work to keep the home in perfect condition always. You can count on us for that. We already have a home maintenance team whose job is to fix any broken appliance as quickly as possible.


So, we have taken the maintenance off your neck. We made sure members of our maintenance team live near the apartments so that when any appliance packs up, they’ll be there to fix it in no time.


Modern bathroom


We’ll also like to inform you that our apartments also have modern bathrooms with the latest fittings and fixtures. In the bathrooms, having a shower is fun.


Do you need a new apartment? Don’t look for apartments for rent near you. Just contact us at The Wilkes Baltimore, and you could move into a “Heavenly” apartment shortly after.