Luxury Apartments Near Me

  We Offer Apartments With Adequate Natural Light

At The Wilkes Baltimore, we offer luxury apartments near you, and our apartments stand out from other apartments in several ways. Apart from the modern amenities in our apartments, here are other reasons why they are quickly rented out.


There is ample room for natural light


By virtue of their design, they have numerous windows that are large enough to allow natural light to penetrate them easily. We understand that the sun brightens up your day, and it also makes your home more energy-efficient. So, if you need a home with enough sunlight, you’re several steps closer to one. Come to us today, and you could be lounging away in your new home tomorrow. After all, the apartments are already equipped, furnished, fitted, and retrofitted to your standard.


The noise level in the surrounding is low


Your home should be a place to relax and have fun, but how can you relax in a noisy surrounding in the midst of noisy neighbors? That’s why we chose a location with very low noise. In addition, all our apartments are noise-proof. Internal noise won’t go out, and external noise won’t find its way inside either.


You can come and have a look. You can have a virtual tour here on our website, or you can schedule a physical tour with us. We are sure you’ll like what you’ll see. To schedule a physical tour, you can contact us right away.


Adequate space


We also made sure the apartments have enough space for you and your kids. We know that kids love to play around and chase each other around, and that’s why the bedrooms in the apartment have ample space, but they are not as big as the living room.


We could have said that our apartments are the best luxury apartments near you, but we won’t say so. It might be better if you find that out yourself.


So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you call us at The Wilkes Baltimore for an apartment before all the apartments are rented out? Your call is anxiously awaited.