Upscale Apartments

Why Our Upscale Apartments Are Not Just An Apartment

At The Wilkes Baltimore, our business is to provide ready homes. That’s why we always have apartments for rent every time. Our upscale apartments are available for rent now. We don’t just provide homes; we provide luxury apartments in Fells Point. Indeed, everything about our apartments is luxurious.


They are well-equipped


Our upscale apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. All the appliances therein are modern ones because we want you to live like a king. After payment, you only need to come in with your personal effects. All the appliances that will make life worth living are already there for you.


Also, our rental process is not bureaucratic. You only need to come to our office, and once you fill a short form and make your payment, you’ll get the keys to your rented apartment. Some of our tenants can testify to the simplicity of our rental process. As mentioned earlier, our luxury apartments in Fells Point offer the best amenities that you can think of. Here are a few of them


Availability of a world-class gym


We understand that people keep fit not only for health reasons but also for fashion as it has become fashionable to remain slim and trim. That is why gyms have become an integral part of human lives. You don’t have to stop going to a gym because you changed your home. We don’t want that. So, we brought the gym to you.


Our luxury apartments in Fells Point have a gym. Of course, we are proud to state that the gym is not just a gym. No, it is a gym that was voted as the best gym in Baltimore in terms of the facilities and equipment therein. So, when you move in, your fitness routine will remain intact, if not better, and more convenient.


Innovative co-working space


Many people who run their business now work from home. Also, many businesses allow their employees to telecommute just to cut costs on office space. Hence, we understand that some of our tenants may want to work from home. So, we provided an innovative co-working space. So, you don’t need to start searching for a co-working space when you arrive. We’ve got you covered on that.


You like what you see? Why not contact The Wilkes Baltimore right away? You could be moving into your new apartment tomorrow.